Conference Language Services

Letters of Reference

What is simultaneous interpreting?
A lady once called me from Texas: "My boss and I recently heard your interpreting at a conference at The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and we would like to rent some of your headsets... --->
How to order language services?
When ordering language services for a recent conference in Chicago, a client asked for simultaneous interpreting into 6 languages besides English and 1,400 headsets. We prepared an estimate... --->

Current clients and past events
U.S. Department of State; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Senate Committee on Finance; Congress of the United States; President Reagan; United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce... --->
Letters of reference
The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations; ISTMA; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; U.S. Department of Energy; Arctic Council Secretariat; American College of Medical Toxicology; U.S. Department of State... --->

Contact information
Conference Language Services
Michael Wasserman
(773) 764-3224

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