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Simultaneous translation available through Conference Language Services, delivered in cooperation with your hotel's Audio-Visual department, is a valuable product your Conference Sales Office and Audio-Visual Department can offer to their clients. Wasserman simultaneous translation is a profitable part of your conference service package because it comes with industry discounts. There are two ways in which hotel audio-visual departments increase their revenue when they offer Conference Language Services to their conference clients.

1. By obtaining Conference Language Services at an industry discount and reselling them to their clients at a markup.

2. By referring conference organizers to Conference Language Services and receiving a percentage of resulting sales.

Our equipment rates are slightly below the industry average, while the quality of our interpreters is considerably higher. We will be glad to use our quarter of a century of experience to help you decide what language services you need for your conference and to prepare a free estimate of their cost.

It is best not to wait until a client requests conference interpreting and then begin looking around, but to establish a lasting relationship with Conference Language Services in advance. Then you can aggressively market your conference package, including language services, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are prepared.

Conference Language Services has been widely known in the industry for the past 27 years as a provider of language support. We supply state of the art infrared and induction loop equipment with very high attention to quality control and monitoring. The equipment is installed and operated by highly trained personnel with years of experience in the field. All language specialists used are professional conference interpreters, either U.S. State Department certified or in possession of higher levels of credentials.

If you may be interested in using conference interpreting in the future, please call us to introduce yourself. Our philosophy is: let's get acquainted now. This will make us prepared.

If you have questions or want to order services, call (773) 715-1407 or e-mail to

What is simultaneous interpreting?
A lady once called me from Texas: "My boss and I recently heard your interpreting at a conference at The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and we would like to rent some of your headsets... --->
How to order language services?
When ordering language services for a recent conference in Chicago, a client asked for simultaneous interpreting into 6 languages besides English and 1,400 headsets. We prepared an estimate... --->

Current clients and past events
U.S. Department of State; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Senate Committee on Finance; Congress of the United States; President Reagan; United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce... --->
Letters of reference
The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations; ISTMA; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; U.S. Department of Energy; Arctic Council Secretariat; American College of Medical Toxicology; U.S. Department of State... --->

Contact information
Conference Language Services
Michael Wasserman
(773) 715-1407

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